For Glowing Skin

The Blushing Pink

Roses are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Almond scrub reduces inflammation, removes dry & dead skin and creates a lovely glow. This facial is extremely good for all skin types. It will refine your skin texture giving you a fresh radiant glow and a clear even toned skin.

Price – Rs. 2400

Ingredients: Rose petals + Almond + Oats + Milk + Honey

Tomato & Rose Flip

A perfect blend that will leave your skin feeling rosy, radiant, and brighter than ever before. The pretty Rose petals which are rich in antioxidants, when mixed with milk and honey will rejuvenate your skin & improve your complexion. The mild acids in Tomato will help in spot correction giving you a clear skin.

Price – Rs. 2600

Ingredients: Tomato + Oats + Coffee + Yogurt + Honey

Get Covered in Chocolate

Chocolate is packed with anti-oxidants which hydrates your skin.
This facial has anti-aging properties. Other ingredients like Almond, Papaya Leaf, & Kasturi Manjal will take care of blemishes and dark spots.
Banana & Honey will add a healthy glow to your skin.

Price – Rs. 2600

Ingredients: Cocoa + Banana + Honey + Almond + Coffee + Yogurt

The Ultimate Exfoliator

Oats is a powerful ingredient that exfoliates and cleanses your skin to remove dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and toxins that cause discoloration. Rice flour is rich in Vitamin C which lightens your skin and boosts skin health. Yogurt and Honey bring an extra glow to your face.

Price – Rs. 2000

Ingredients: Oats + Banana + Honey + Yogurt

The Overload of Nourishment

Turmeric and Gram flour when put together can reduce pigmentation, acne scars, dark spots, and blemishes to help you maintain your skin’s natural complexion. Milk, Banana, and Honey with their hydrating and bleaching properties keep your skin healthy and glowy.

Price – Rs. 2200

Ingredients: Banana + Turmeric + Gram flour + Milk + Honey


Detoxify with Green Tea

An intensely hydrating facial perfect to make your skin soft and supple. Green Tea is rich in anti-oxidants and essential nutrients. Green Tea is full of Vitamin B2, E and is anti-bacterial in nature which helps in treating acne. This facial is suitable for all skin types.

A super hydrating Green Tea sheet mask in the end will help protect against free radicals giving you an extra hydration with Dewy & Glowing look.

Price – Rs. 2600

Ingredients: Green Tea + Cucumber + Honey + Banana + Olive Oil

Up Your Sandwich Game

A super relaxing facial Massage with our all-natural Rice & Banana cream.A Honey spread followed by generous layers of Cucumber, Potato, Beetroot, & Tomato. Beetroot is rich in Iron, Vitamin C, which helps remove dead skin cells giving you a radiant glow.

Final Toppings of Sandalwood, Papaya leaf, Multani Mitti, Oats, Coffee gives you an extra creamy glow.

Price – Rs. 3500

Ingredients: Beetroot + Cucumber + Potato + Tomato + Banana + Honey + Sandalwood + Rice

The Exotic Sandalwood

Papaya Peel powder removes dead skin cells and restores the even toned look on your skin. Sandalwood with its cooling effect reduces redness caused due to sun burn and removes the sun tan. Milk, Banana, and Honey help in keeping your skin soft and moisturized.

Price – Rs. 3000

Ingredients: Papaya Peel + Sandalwood, Milk + Banana + Honey

The Refreshing Twist

Multani Mitti is a cosmetic clay that absorbs all impurities from your skin pores and removes dead skin cells. Turmeric evens out the skin tone and Cucumber with its skin bleaching properties helps in removing the tan. Potato and Honey keeps your skin moisturized.

Price – Rs. 2800

Ingredients: Multani Mitti + Turmeric + Cucumber + Honey


The Ultimate Anti-Acne Coolant

Red Sandalwood has cooling properties which helps in reducing acne and acne scars. Kasturi Manjal is highly effective in fighting pimple causing bacteria and removing impurities stored in your skin pores. Gram flour, Honey, and Rose water bring an extra shine to your face.

Price – Rs. 2500

Ingredients: Red Sandalwood + Kasturi Manjal + Gram Flour + Honey + Rose Water


Neem stops the growth of acne causing bacteria and soothes redness and inflammation. Orange Peel naturally exfoliates your skin of dead cells and also helps to rebuild and repair the cells. Gram flour, Honey, and Yogurt help in reducing your acne scars.

Price – Rs. 2400

Ingredients: Neem + Orange Peel + Gram Flour + Honey + Yogurt

Anti-Aging & Open pores

The Egg-y Effect

Egg white tightens the skin and helps in shrinking large pores. Egg is rich in protein that tones the skin making it wrinkle free. Aloe Vera gel cleanses & nourishes skin and removes dirt from the clogged pores.

Price – Rs. 3000

Ingredients: Egg White + Aloe Vera gel + Sandalwood + Multani Mitti + Yogurt

Ice & Water

Ice cube soothes pimples, sunburns and skin inflammation. Working the ice cubes on your face will tighten pores, ease wrinkles, and fight acne. It’s an amazing remedy for puffy and tired face. Ice water facial will brighten your complexion by boosting blood circulation. It’ll make your skin look fresh and glowing by reducing oil secretion in your skin.
We have varieties of ice cubes for you to choose: Beet, Milk, Cucumber, Cinnamon, Green Tea

Price – Rs. 3800

Ingredients: Ice cubes + Milk + Honey + Green Tea + Cucumber

The Aroma of Red Wine

Red wine is rich in antioxidants that fight skin ageing by restoring collagen. Red wine is also antiseptic & anti-bacterial, and can help fight acne breakouts.A soothing blend of red wine, almond, coffee, sandalwood, and essential oils will remove skin blemishes and rejuvenate your skin giving you a lovely glow.
Price – Rs. 2800

Ingredients: Red Wine + Papaya Leaf + Multani Mitti + Red Sandalwood


Richness of Cocoa

Cocoa Powder is packed with anti-oxidants which help in moisturizing and hydrating your skin. It freshens up dry and tired skin to give it a natural glow. Honey and Banana, with its anti-wrinkle and anti-aging properties, help in naturally conditioning your skin.

Price – Rs. 1800

Ingredients: Cocoa + Banana + Honey

The Mood Lifter

Aloe Vera with its anti-inflammatory and healing properties hydrates and rejuvenates your skin and makes you look younger. Multani Mitti improves blood circulation and has an exfoliating effect on itchy and dry skin. Rose Water brings an extra glow to your skin.

Price – Rs. 1600

Ingredients: Aloe Vera + Multani Mitti + Rose Water


The One that prevents all Ailments

Neem with its anti-bacterial properties prevents acne and pimple breakout which leads to blemishes and dark spots. It improves complexion and treats pigmentation. Kasturi Manjal protects your skin against UV radiation. Yogurt and Honey keeps your skin moisturized.

Price – Rs. 2800

Ingredients: Neem + Kasturi Manjal + Yogurt + Honey

The Cure-all team

Aloe Vera helps in reducing dark spots and offers protection from the damage caused by UV radiation. Banana acts as a natural exfoliator that cleanses your skin and treats pigmentation. Yogurt and Honey improves your skin texture.

Price – Rs. 2400

Ingredients: Aloe Vera + Banana + Yogurt + Honey


The Magical Green Leaf

Neem leaves are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal that helps in treating pigmentation. Neem paste soothes and treats skin infections. They are also good exfoliator and removes dead skin cells.

Price – Rs. 3000

Ingredients: Neem Leaves + Kasturi Manjal + Red Sandalwood + Yogurt + Honey

Sensitive Skin


Cucumber is the coolest remedy for sensitive skin. It repairs your skin, removes dark circles, and also makes you look younger. Gram Flour absorbs excess oil and removes dirt and toxin from your face. Honey and Yogurt keeps your skin soft and moisturized.

Price – Rs. 2100

Ingredients: Cucumber + Gram Flour + Honey + Yogurt

Go ‘Choco-licious’

Cocoa Powder is packed with anti-oxidants which gives you a flawless and wrinkle-free skin. It also makes you look younger. Raw Milk works as an exceptional skin-toner adding firmness to worn and torn facial tissues. Honey keeps your skin moisturized.

Price – Rs. 1600

Ingredients: Cocoa + Milk + Honey


The Sweet Berry Goodness

Strawberries are full of powerful anti-oxidants and vitamin C which effectively removes the excess sebum on skin. This fruit not only fights oily skin, but its juice is very efficient in lightening blemishes, dark spots, and acne scars.

Price – Rs. 3200

Ingredients: Strawberry, Coffee, Multani Mitti, Yogurt, and Honey

The Yellow Flower

Marigold is a natural moisturizer. It has powerful anti-bacterial properties that effectively treats acne and keeps the skin clear. The anti-aging properties of this flower also helps in clearing fine lines and wrinkles.

Price – Rs. 2000

Ingredients: Marigold petals, Almond, Sandalwood, Yogurt, and Honey

Men’s Beard Facial

Massage: Immersed in Goodness

Eucalyptus Oil not only stimulates hair growth but also helps in keeping your beard and the skin underneath nourished and moisturized. It minimizes hair loss and breakage while giving you a thicker and fuller beard.

Mask: The Soothing Blend

Cinnamon contains choline, potassium, and vitamins A, B, and E. This helps in boosting hair growth and improving the appearance of your beard. By adding Lemon to this pack, it gives an extra shine to your beard.

Price – Rs. 1500

Ingredients: Cinnamon + Lemon + Eucalyptus Oil

Face Cleanup

Skin Lightening

The Ultimate Exfoliator : Oatmeal Rs. 1000
The Overload of Nourishment Rs. 1100


The Ultimate Anti-Acne Coolant Rs. 1200
Blend-it-like-Neem Rs. 1100


Richness of Cocoa Rs. 1000
The Mood Lifter Rs. 800


The Exotic Sandalwood Rs. 1400
The Refreshing Twist Rs. 1200


The One that prevents all Ailments Rs. 1400
The Cure-all team Rs. 1200

Sensitive Skin

Cool-it-off-with-Cucumber Rs. 1000
Go ‘Choco-licious’ Rs. 800