Manicure & Pedicure



The ‘Caffein-ated’

This scrub has the goodness of Coffee, Sugar, and Honey all blended into one. The caffeine in coffee helps in eliminating unwanted oils and the rough texture of the coffee grounds help in removing dead skin. It will make your skin flawless and smooth.

Price – Rs. 700

Ingredients: Coffee + Sandalwood + Sugar + Honey


The Creamy Goodness

This manicure starts off with the regular scrub before moving on to this advanced pack made of powerful ingredients like Banana, Yogurt, Rice Flour, and Lemon Juice. Banana contains essential Vitamins and Minerals needed to remove dead cells. This pack gives a gorgeous look to your nails.

Price – Rs. 850

Ingredients: Sandalwood + Banana + Yogurt + Lemon



Deliciously Sweet

This scrub has the goodness of Sugar, Honey, and Olive Oil all blended into one. Sugar deep cleanses your skin and removes all the dirt and dead cells clogging your pores. Honey naturally soothes and moisturizes your skin to keep it young.

Price – Rs. 900

Ingredients: Papaya Leaf + Sugar + Honey + Olive Oil


The Oatmeal Whoopie

This pedicure starts off with the regular scrub before moving on to this advanced pack. Oatmeal and Rice Flour exfoliate and purify your skin by removing dead skin cells. Honey, a natural antiseptic, heals cracked feet and revitalizes your skin. Olive Oil and Yogurt makes your skin soft and smooth.

Price – Rs. 1200

Ingredients: Oats + Papaya Leaf + Honey + Olive Oil + Yogurt


Strawberry & Rose Scrub:

The sweet berry goodness crushed from Strawberries, mixed with Rose, Oatmeal, Honey, Sugar, Coconut Oil removes dead skin cells and makes your skin feel super soft – and it smells heavenly! A great scrub to wake up tired feet.

Avocado Nourishing Mask:

Avocados are incredible for your skin. This creamy moisturizing mask is very helpful for repairing dry, wrinkled, or rough skin of hands and feet. It’ll help in softening cracked heels and feet.

Price :
MANICURE – Rs. 1300
PEDICURE – Rs. 1600

Ingredients: Strawberry + Avocado + Rose + Sandalwood